quinta-feira, janeiro 27, 2011

Besides I know you're at home, sleeping, I still wonder where have you been lately.
I know we already had this conversation, but all this 'time for me' thing you said is kind of turning into 'time without you' and it really makes me feel bad.

Maybe I'm overeacting but somebody once said that relationships needed tender, love and list goes on... Well, certainly text messages dosen't do that.

I tryed to call but you didn't awnser, I tryed to write but you didn't read it, I tryed to talk to you and you seemed to hear but did nothing about it!

What is wrong with spending time together? You say you're right here and still feels like it's a galaxy far far away.

I miss you, really do.

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Anônimo disse...

Eu tentei te mostrar que lembrei de ti, ou melhor que fui dormir pensando em ti. E o que eu recebo em troca? um post no seu blog disendo que não adianta lhe mandar mensagens de texto que não muda nada pra ti pelo que eu entendi.